Award winners 2023

Award winners 2023

  • MobileCityGame

    Photo: takomat GmbH; Screenshots: Claus Doll, Fraunhofer ISI


    Fundamental decisions in mobility planning are often made in municipalities based on gut feelings. The MobileCity app aims to change that. It makes the core functions of complex traffic models accessible – intuitively, like a game. Using the example of Karlsruhe, the app allows users to dynamically experience the effects and dependencies of various interventions in urban traffic on climate, quality of life, and finances up to 2050. These factual future scenarios are intended to make debates more vivid and informed, facilitate public participation, and support education at universities and colleges. The app is based on scientific simulation and analysis models, expert knowledge, and data from the city of Karlsruhe and is the only one in the world that runs a complete local traffic model on digital devices.

    Location: Karlsruhe (Baden-Württemberg)

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  • uRyde

    Photo: uRyde


    The workplace is a central mobility point for many people, promising significant mobility synergies. With uRyde, one of the leading mobility platforms, these synergies can be harnessed. uRyde combines inter-employer ridesharing, public transport connections, company and shuttle buses, charging and parking management, as well as a mobility budget in a single mobility app. uRyde launched in May 2022 in the Nuremberg metropolitan region. Currently, more than 40 companies, including Siemens, adidas, Schaeffler, and PUMA, as well as universities and cities, are part of this new sustainable corporate mobility initiative. Over 180,000 people in the metropolitan region have access to the app and are reducing CO2 emissions. The goal is to expand this concept to additional regions.

    Location: Nürnberg (Bavaria)

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  • SIMO – Mobility Simulator for Wheelchair Users

    Photo: SIMO Europe GmbH

    SIMO – Mobility Simulator for Wheelchair Users

    Ordering a wheelchair today, even if it’s a custom-made one, typically doesn’t allow users to try it out or test it in advance. That’s where SIMO comes in: Thanks to this innovative simulator, users can experience their future wheelchair in advance and try it out in a virtual environment. Initially, the individual is measured precisely on the simulator, and then the device is adjusted accordingly to match the final product. The test drive serves not only for familiarization but also for video analysis of movement, seating position, and anatomy. Adjustments are made to make it fit perfectly. The product improves quality of life and prevents health problems that can arise from poor posture.

    Location: Colmberg (Bavaria/Bayern)

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  • sprinti – The Unique On-Demand Service for Suburban Areas

    Photo: Großraum-Verkehr Hannover GmbH

    sprinti – The Unique On-Demand Service for Suburban Areas

    The on-demand service sprinti covers areas in the Hannover region that are not served by regular bus routes, operating from early morning until late evening. sprinti enables flexible and demand-responsive mobility in rural areas. Booking is done through the sprinti app. Its algorithm checks if there are comparable regular bus connections – if not, it calculates the optimal route to transport multiple passengers to their respective destinations in the shortest time possible. Passengers then wait for a maximum of 20 minutes and walk a maximum of 150 meters to the virtual bus stop. A standard public transportation ticket is sufficient for the ride, with no additional charge. The vehicles are wheelchair accessible, and after registration, passengers can bring items such as walkers, bicycles, strollers, and child seats are also available.

    Hannover (Lower Saxony)

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  • DB Rad+

    Photo: DB Station&Service AG

    DB Rad+

    Thanks to “DB Rad+,” cycling now has double and triple benefits. With the app, you can track bike routes and use the kilometers you’ve ridden as currency at local businesses and with Deutsche Bahn (DB). The app also accumulates all the kilometers ridden in a communal account. When reaching specific milestones, there are rewards that benefit everyone. For example, DB opened a bike repair station in Hamburg or hosted a bike washing day in Wiesbaden. So, cycling is not just for personal benefit – every kilometer also counts for the community. Users can also donate their cycling data to the municipality. Municipalities can use a specially developed analysis tool to identify cycling hotspots and gain additional insights for traffic planning.

    Location: Frankfurt am Main (Hessen)

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You can find previous award winners here. The German Mobility Award was carried out until and including 2021 in a different constellation.