Award categories

There are nine DMP award categories:

DMP | Good Practice

awarded to projects that courageously and unconventionally blaze new trails for digital mobility or found exemplary paths to a solution and are waiting for them to become more widely known.

DMP | Knowledge Transfer

awarded to valuable contributions and formats that document the development of projects in outstanding ways or are dedicated to knowledge transfer in the digital mobility sector. The projects are characterized by their openness to being shared and exchanged: this applies to the incorporation of other (inter)national locations, various sectors and between sectors.

DMP | Change

awarded to outstanding projects that create positive change through the further development or innovative use of existing mobility.

DMP | Data and Innovation

awarded to people, project groups or teams of developers that enable new developments, cooperation, and applications through the use of data, data-driven applications, or data-intensive projects.

DMP | International

awarded to exemplary projects from the digital mobility sector outside of Germany that have a model character for Germany and Europe.

DMP | Young Vision

awarded to ideas and concepts of students and people up to 25 years old who work with ideas and concepts related to digital mobility. It is a benefit, if these ideas have already been implemented in specific projects and make our lives easier.

DMP | Science Fiction

awarded to visions, ideas, and sketches in all areas that turn our digital and mobile future upside down.

DMP | Art

takes a look at the artistic representation of our digital and mobile life, whether today or in the future. In this category, screening, painting, comics, AI art, or other artistic presentations are awarded.

DMP | People

honors oustanding personalities who wish to carry out and enable innovations. To that end, the focus is on special personal achievement – whether as a role model, an opener of doors, or a networker. Without these people, we would be missing something.